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How Video Testimonials Can Increase Your Sales

Business Video Testimonial Production

When some people think of 'testimonials,' they imagine dull & dry stock phrases, no better than a Google Review read by an AI voice machine. But when done artfully, testimonial videos do so much more.

The trick is to bring out the personality of your customer, and have them speak genuinely and from the heart. This isn't always easy - especially when the interviewees may not have had much on-camera experience or media training. But at Irregular Film, years spent doing documentary and testimonial videos in Austin Texas has given us the skills to make even the shiest interviewees smile, open up, and share how your business has brought value to their lives.

Increase Your Credibility with Video Testimonials

According to virtually all sources on the matter, video testimonials are just about the most effective way to build credibility for your business through social media and online pages.

While written text reviews are another common form of testimonial, these days said reviews are increasingly plagued by bots and shell accounts leaving fake reviews. (I was shocked when buying pillows off Amazon, how many fake reviews there are!)

Video testimonials leave no doubt to the authenticity of your satisfied customers and clients, and not only that, but they are fun to watch (and to shoot!).

Anatomy of an Effective Testimonial Video

While we approach every video testimonial afresh to ensure that we fully communicate your branding messages, there is an underlying structure that most testimonials will stick to.

A strong testimonial video begins by quickly introducing the customer or client, and the problem they were experiencing. It is CRUCIAL to do this as swiftly as possible - so that the viewer hears the problem and thinks, "Oh! I have that problem too!" before they lose interest and scroll away. It's best to add a personal touch or detail here to show that this was a genuine problem they were having, not a generic made-up issue for a business video.

Next, your business service or product is introduced as the solution. The customer communicates their experience with the product in addressing their problem (as personalized and detail-centric as possible, vagueness and generalities must be avoided). The positive results are communicated, woven in with the customer's overall feeling of their relationship & transactions with your business.

Then, of course, we call the viewer to action to join the testimonial interviewee in solving their problem using business.


It's that simple to get a video testimonial series going to help boost your business's sales & growth. Don't settle for sterile text reviews - video brings the beauty of your business's problem-solving to life.

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