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Exploring the Street Life of Vietnam

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Bui Vien street lies in stark contrast to the rest of the city. A place where cultures collide as thirsty backpackers mingle with hard-up local sellers. Faces You Forget explores this unusual and strained relationship and delves into the lives of the Vietnamese sellers who call this strange place home.

A rough cut of this film was released in 2016. We had downtime with the coronavirus pandemic, so we decided to apply everything we've learned about filmmaking in the last four years to make a newly remastered version of Faces You Forget, with entirely redone color grading, sound mixing, and other polishes. We hope you enjoy the film - Bui Vien has changed a lot in the last four years, but the messages in this film are as true as ever.

You can find some of our favorite quotes from the video here!

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I'll be a waiter!
Video Production Austin TX
Teach me too!

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Dreams can never be fulfilled. When you want something and you get it, you'll want something more.

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They say what they say. I say what I say. Who cares?

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There's nothing for the future. I'll take it as it comes. (laugh)

Video Production Austin TX
So what's the point in giving birth? It's better not to.


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