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Video technology has improved dramatically in recent years, allowing for the creation of stunning Cinematic visuals with more simplicity and lower expense than ever before. The truth is, finding someone with a decent camera who can make a nice video isn't that difficult!

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Beautiful Cinematic imagery is the starting point - not the end point - with Irregular Film - video production Austin TX! We have a deep understanding of storytelling as well as years of expertise making video for Marketing purposes. We know the secret of video marketing, and it's actually the same as crafting a decent Hollywood film. You grab the audience's attention, show them a relatable figure, keep them engaged, and end with a boom.

For your commercial or personal needs, we offer EFFICIENT - FOCUSED - TACTICAL video production Austin TX solutions!


We come from a background of independent, guerrilla filmmaking. Though we work with bigger budgets and more robust equipment than we used to, we believe in maintaining the powerful philosophy we formed when we began producing documentaries in the street with a DSLR.

Big crews and unnecessary frivolities are a leading cause in video productions being slow, inefficient and expensive. We keep our crew tight and our shoots as minimal as possible - while maintaining the highest quality results for you.

Our team is fully modular and we can plan, shoot and edit ANYWHERE in the world - yes, Will has been spotted editing rushes on his laptop in the jungles of Myanmar.

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  • 1. What kind of videos can you produce?
    We've made online videos, advertisements, documentaries, corporate films, music videos, event videos, and narrative content.
  • 2. Where are you based?
    Irregular Film is an international collective with production history in the United States, Spain, Vietnam, and Myanmar. Currently, our main production unit is based in Austin,Texas.
  • 3. What are your rates?
    We have no fixed rate! Our estimate scales depending on the parameters of any given project. A frequent misunderstanding is that video duration equals cost; yet, depending on the concept, a one-minute film could cost anything from $500 to $5,000+. Please add your contact information, and we will analyze your project demands and give you with a quotation!
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